The perfect Mummy!

Wanna know what a typical day for me is?

Well if it’s not my alarm going off at 5.45, my 23 month old toddler will have beaten it to it. If that is the case I am woken up with chubby cheeks staring right in my face screaming “Mummy wake upppppppppp, wake upppppppp mummy!”

I immediately smile! My perfect little Angel is waking me up with music to my ears. Right away I jump up, proceed to the kitchen and make his bottle of milk. When he is seated comfortably and Peppa Pig is on the TV, I have a quick shower brush my teeth, slap some make up on and style my hair. I like to make an effort with my hair, so I spend some extra time creating the perfect bun. I then have a quick look through my wardrobe, filled with luxury designer brands and pick the best outfit for the day, paired with my red bottom heels I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me.


Next its time to get my son ready! He is so well-behaved ,honestly I have no problems with him what so ever! I’m the luckiest mummy in the world. I only have to tell him things once and he listens like a dream. After he’s washed cleaned and dressed we head out to the Nursery. He’s just gone into a new room so I had some apprehensions, silly of me really as it wasn’t a problem at all. He strides in like its his second home, kisses me on the lips and waves me goodbye.

Right now that’s sorted, I jump into my Range and head off to University.

I’m a student Journalist in my 2nd year of study and I am loving every minute of it. I feel a great sense of achievement every time I’m there. I listen intently to what the lecturer is saying, taking notes as he goes on. In the back of my mind I’m also planning tonight’s organic dinner. All cooked from scratch of course. I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t cook from scratch, I mean you want your baby to have the best right? Nutritional value in foods is of the up most importance. That’s what other Mum’s and Health professionals say anyway.

I normally have about 3 hours to spare after finishing University , so I pick my little man up early….I like to spend all my time with him, he really is so precious.  We go home and in the space of 3 hours I will have cleaned, caught up on washing (which is never a lot because I’m good at keeping on top of that), prepared the evening meal which will be cooking in the oven, Ironed my husband’s work uniform for the next day, made his pack lunch, played some educational games with my munchkin, and after all that I wait for my hubby to get in so I can run him a bath. He works so hard, bless him.

Ok………….. have you guessed yet?? Everything I just told you is a complete lie! Well most of it anyway, shall I start again.

Ayden wakes me up each morning usually with his little fingers attempting to pull my eyelids open! *Ouch. “OK OKKKKKKK Just give me 1 more minute baby please” About fitfeen minutes later, I am forced to open my eyes, I can’t ignore the finger nails scratching at my face any longer. Sigh.

I take a moment to admire him, he really is a beaut and sometimes I can’t quite believe he’s actually mine. I’m so blessed. We play for a bit, I cover him in kisses and I get up. Must remind myself to move that mirror. I really don’t need to be reminded of the mess I am in the mornings!

So we go straight in the living room and I put on his favourite TV show. Peppa Pig which by the way is literally the most annoying thing on earth. Everything about it annoys me especially that stupid music that plays in the intro. Anyway it keeps him quiet while I get myself ready. He’ll be good for at least 25 – 30 minutes.

I jump in the shower and wash myself like someone put me on fast forward. Gone are the days of enjoying a long hot shower. I’m sure I hear my hair clapping when I wash it these days. Nah but it really does take ages. I swear I have the equivalent of like 3 people’s hair on my head. It’s a blessing and a curse all at the same time.

Ok so where was I, I was having a quick shower. Yes and then I quickly go to my cupboard (which is soooo not filled with designer clothes) and I try to find something…..anything that doesn’t look like its been screwed into a tiny ball, which is harder than you might think. Usually this involves me whining that I have no clothes and getting in a mini temper that my wardrobe is shit and I’m still wearing clothes that I wore before I was even pregnant.

On the flip side Ayden’s wardrobe is over flowing, with stuff that even I, am a teeny bit jealous of.

After finding something acceptable to wear shoving my hair into something that half resembles a messy bun. No make up by the way, who’s got time for all that malarkey. I now have about 20 mins to get Ayden washed dressed and ready to head to Nursery.

Hmmmm this boy likes to play too much, and as much as I love him jumping on my head when I’m trying to change his nappy I really need him to just keep still.

After several “Ayden put your shoes on” Hurraches on for me and 40 minutes later we’re out the door. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

If I put my foot down I’ll only be half and hour late for University.

But for some unknown reason Ayden just loves to do a poo when we get out the door,  and I can’t bare to leave him in a dirty nappy not even for a minute… so back we go again.

After bopping a long to the music on 1Xtra we have arrived at the Nursery. I love watching him in the rear view mirror, he looks so cute dancing away to all my fav tunes.

He’s just recently moved up a room and I wasn’t a bit worried because since he started nursery he’s never been bothered at all. Ayden is a very sociable baby, he will literally go to anyone. So on this particular morning I was expecting the same thing.

Oh gosh I was in for a shock!

He went absolutely mental! He was throwing himself about the place, screaming his lungs out. Tears frantically running down his face and shouting “Mummy Mummyyyyyy”. That look in his eyes was something I hadn’t dealt with yet, and boy did it pull on my heartstrings. The lovely lady at his nursery was trying to reassure me that he would be fine in a while and I should leave, but all I wanted to do was take him from her and take him home.

Obviously I couldn’t do this so I kissed his cheek and left.

Well I didn’t exactly leave I just walked to an area where he could no longer see me. I wanted to wait to see if he would stop crying and he didn’t. I could hear him screaming my name and then it happened. Full blown tears pouring down my cheeks. I couldn’t control it. What was this??? I had never experienced this before. I tell myself to fix up, people are watching, but I can’t the tears keep coming and I’m a blubbering mess. HOW EMBARASSING!

Another 5 minutes and I’m gone. I call the Nursery as soon as I get on route to university to check he’s ok and he is. Phew.

So I’m now battling through London traffic in my Astra, (Range PAHA I wish) trying to reach Uni on time. Not gonna happen. Driving into London in peak traffic is enough to give someone a complete melt down. I should know, I turn into a complete psychopath on the roads.

So I get to  Uni looking less like Beyoncé and more of a sweaty mess, from running to my class. Ok that’s a lie I don’t run , I don’t wanna kill myself, but I do walk at a fast pace.

Huff there’s so much work to do, where will I get the time. I’m already struggling to juggle motherhood with housewife duties and now this. I say a quick little prayer and keep my head up.

So it is true, I do normally have 2 -3 hours to spare after university, but I don’t pick my son up. I do a number of important things, sometimes I sleep.

Please don’t judge me. I don’t think I’ve had a decent nights sleep since before I was pregnant. Ayden sleeps in my bed most nights horizontally! I am usually squashed up against a hard cold wall with a foot in my face. So sometimes I catch up. If I’m not sleeping, I will attempt to make my home look half presentable, for anyone that should come over (which rarely happens anymore).

Meal times are pure stress. Trying to get my child to eat healthily is like asking a fish to walk. I’ve tried everything, from pretty little vegetable arrangements on his plate, to concealing it in a sauce. He is too smart for all that as soon as his tongue touches the smallest piece of veg, that’s it. He’s spitting the whole lot out and dashing the plate on the floor. God give me strength. I try not to stress , I’ve read you should act all nonchalant but it’s so hard. All I wanna do is make sure my son is getting all of the food groups and vegetables so he stays healthy.

I so should have done the whole finger food thing!

I am trying to cook more wholesome meals now that are more saucy, he’s getting better. Patience, I tell myself.

After food, we normally put some music on before his bath, (he loves to dance) and I love pretending I’m a sexy superstar! We have fun! Our home is full of laughter and so much love. Ayden has made me laugh more since having him than ever before.

He is my best friend, and I am so grateful just for him.

So I may not have all the designer clothes. I may not have the most expensive beauty products, and I don’t have time to watch beauty tutorials on you tube. I don’t have a fancy car. I don’t own even one designer bag. My wardrobe is questionable and most times my hair is not ‘slaying’.

But what I am is a mother with a toddler and a husband that I love more than anything in this world. I am a woman who tries my best to teach my son morals, manners, kindness, and respect. I make sure he is always clean and well dressed. I cook and I clean and I don’t keep on top of my washing. (I try).

I have regular melt downs about whether I will be a good enough mother. I cry because the thought of him growing up and leaving home breaks my heart. I cry because the world seems like such a wicked place and I feel guilty for bringing him into it. I cry because I’m bloody exhausted.

So No, I am not the perfect mummy, but I will continuously try to be better for him for as long as I have life within me, and if that means passing on some of life’s luxuries and a perfect bod/hair and wardrobe, so he can have the best, then so be it!










4 thoughts on “The perfect Mummy!

  1. Really entertaining 👍.
    And Hey.. What’s a perfect mummy if not someone who tries to give their child the best?


    1. Thanks Haalah…. we can only do our best right x


  2. You’re a beautiful Mom and a beautiful lady! And he’s a sweetheart! Lot’s of love and kisses to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun that’s really sweet of you! x


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